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The main objective of WISIONS is to make clean energy a default solution for basic energy needs in developing regions, by helping local partners to identify successes and bring them to scale through regional networks, marketing and demonstration. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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Hydro Empowerment Network – Annual Conference in Nepal

News from WISIONS posted on December 5th, 2016

Last November marked the Annual Gathering of the Hydro Empowerment Network, which took place from 22nd to 25th November 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Read moreMinimize

For the third time, WISIONS supported the annual conference of the HPNet. The event
facilitates micro hydro practitioners from 15 countries to find ways to alleviate knowledge gaps and also focused on evolving HPNET's structure and processes to increase the network's impact at the field level. 

Besides exchange opportunities and discussions among HPNet’s members and different working groups, the meeting in Kathmandu included a field visit to a model micro hydro project in the Dakshinkali Municipality. 

More information is available on HPNet’s website here, and various photos may be found here.

RedBioLAC – Annual Conference in Costa Rica

News from WISIONS posted on December 1st, 2016

The 8th annual conference of the RedBioLAC network took place from 7th to 11th November 2016 in San José, Costa Rica. It was supported by WISIONS and our team also participated in the event.Read moreMinimize

The conference format entailed not only presentations and discussions about the latest developments among network members, but also training courses on basic biogas technologies, field visits and a biogas fair. 

Every year, RedBioLAC’s event attracts more than 100 international visitors and participants and serves as a platform to promote biogas technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

All the conference and workshop materials are available online at REdBioLAC’s website (in Spanish) here.

A video summary of this year’s conference is available on RedBioLAC's Facebook page here, and various photos may be found here.

Practice-to-Policy Exchange: Grid Connected Micro Hydro Power in Sri Lanka

News from WISIONS posted on November 28th, 2016

One of our recent SEPS exchange activities aimed to nurture knowledge exchange between multi-actors for grid-connected micro hydro technology across the region of South and Southeast Asia and to enable members of the Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) to operate renewable energy technologies apart from the national grid. Read moreMinimize

The practice-to-policy exchange was a three-stage exchange process, where the first three months were dedicated to online information exchange, followed by a physical exchange activity and a four-day workshop held in Sri Lanka with 21 delegates representing eight countries and including ten other sector experts. 

The workshop helped delegates share experiences from their respective countries and observe operations of successful mini and micro hydro plants in Sri Lanka, which are connected to the grid.

The final step of this exchange process was to develop advocacy material to be used by members of the Hydro Empowerment Network to promote micro and mini hydro grid connections in their countries and for the whole of South and South East Asia, where the network's activites are located. 

More general information is available on our SEPS project page: Practice-to-Policy Exchange for Grid-Connected Micro Hydro Power in South/Southeast Asia

One result of the exchange activity is this video on Smart Grids for Rural Electrification:

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