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The main objective of WISIONS is to make clean energy a default solution for basic energy needs in developing regions, by helping local partners to identify successes and bring them to scale through regional networks, marketing and demonstration. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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Advocacy and Replication of Community Organisers in Southeast Asia

News from WISIONS posted on March 14th, 2018

One of our SEPS exchange activities aimed to leverage existing micro hydro community organisers and community-created media in building and advocating for a more conducive environment that allows for the replication of successful micro hydro systems in Southeast Asia.Read moreMinimize

Southeast Asian members of the Hydro Empowerment Network have expressed a strong need to strengthen the local human resources – the so-called community organisers – who are at the heart of their work, by providing them with better support and increasing their numbers. The suggested solution for meeting this need is to collectively engage the micro hydro community organisers in the regions.

This exchange programme with Green Empowerment aimed to enrich the capacities of community organisers in documentation and media management, to identify processes to provide guidance and training to new community organisers, and to use the findings and videos developed to advocate for community-centered approaches towards micro hydro power.

Those were achieved through:

  • The implementation of media training and workshops that enable community organisers at both the practitioner level and community level to be creators of cultural content in a „media world“, with results to be shared with a global community of stakeholders online
  • The facilitation of a workshop with existing community organisers, to determine how HPNet can strengthen their current work and establish new community organisers
  • The implementation of a research initiative to identify the specific needs and opportunities of partner organizations with regards to their community organizing programs

The exchange activities provided an opportunity to gain further insight into the unique community organising styles and philosophies of each of the organizations involved: IBEKA (Indonesia), Tonibung (Malaysia), REAM (Myanmar), SIBAT and Yamog (the Philippines).

Waste to Wisdom – Strengthening Biodigester Practitioners in Southeast Asia

News from WISIONS posted on March 7th, 2018

Under the framework of our SEPS knowledge exchange programme, Green Empowerment and Sri-Lanka based partner Janathakshan are currently bringing the skills and tools that will allow for the rapid delivery of both home and village-scale biogas digester systems to Malaysia and the Philippines.Read moreMinimize

80 percent of rural households in Malaysia's North Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak still rely on firewood for cooking, contributing to lung disease and in some cases, deforestation. Green Empowerment and our partners aim to address this challenge through the knowledge exchange and follow up work with communities to deliver a cooking fuel alternative, while encouraging these communities to think about waste more creatively.

This SEPS knowledge exchange includes a two week long training in Sri Lanka with additional training in Malaysian Borneo. While in Sri Lanka, the participants will learn in a classroom setting, as well as visit a number of project sites and participate in building a biodigester. Green Empowerment and Janathakshan aim to have the knowledge exchange participants leave the exchange with the ability to design, install and manage low-cost biogas digester systems. They are also expected to be able to teach these skills to their colleagues, and to promote the dissemination of biodigester technology within their home regions.

The exchange event in Sri Lanka will take place from 10 – 22 March 2018.

Local Capacity-Building through RedBioEc, the Ecuadorian Biodigester Network

News from WISIONS posted on February 28th, 2018

Building on the WISIONS-supported formation of the Ecuadorian Biodigester Network in 2016, one of our most recent SEPS exchanges seeks to further develop a strong base of biodigester practitioners within Ecuador and form linkages between actors with interest in the technology at the local and national levels.Read moreMinimize

The exchange activities are centered around a series of practical capacity-building workshops which bring together a range of actors, focused on community groups and academic participants with the direct ability to replicate and promote the advancement of biodigester technology.

In addition, the exchange programme provides support for the creation of locally and regionally appropriate training materials, “field days” to promote biodigester implementation to potential users and public agencies, and a national-level event to share local experiences, augment recognition of the technology from public and international agencies, promote existing replication capacity created through the exchange, and strengthen the national-level network.

Recently, the first out of three initial workshops was carried out in El Paraíso (Imbabura, Northern Sierra, 19 - 21 Feb). It focused on practical details of tubular plastic digester design/sizing, installation, and appropriate siting to ensure sustainability.

Participants represented rural community organizations, smallholders, and local universities, as well as a significant portion of members of local government and agribusinesses, providing an opportunity to integrate additional viewpoints into discussions of biodigester application during the workshop. The vast majority of participants aims to install and/or improve an existing biodigester within the next three months.

The following two workshops will take place in El Empalme (Guayas, South/Central Coast, 23 – 26 Mar) and Ayancay (Cañar, Southern Sierra, 26 – 28 Mar).

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