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The main objective of WISIONS is to make clean energy a default solution for basic energy needs in developing regions, by helping local partners to identify successes and bring them to scale through regional networks, marketing and demonstration. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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Generating Biogas Energy From Wastewater in Barbados

News from WISIONS posted on June 21st, 2018

Barbados is a small island at a low elevation level and is considered to be a vulnerable country as the effects of climate change become more pronounced. To mitigate its carbon outputs, the Barbados Water Authority has started to generate its own electricity from solar photovoltaic technology. Furthermore, the Authority aims to demonstrate the potential of biogas as a form of renewable energy to further reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of its waste water treatment plants.Read moreMinimize

This SEPS exchange activity will train six renewable energy community ambassadors to undertake the critical task of educating communities in Barbados. It will provide training for the ambassadors through classroom workshops, technical sessions and site visits. The ambassadors, by interacting with citizens at community level and delivering public seminars and presentations, will engage with a broad spectrum of communities.

Recently, the selected community ambassadors have begun their community outreach in an effort to reach their proposed number of participants and educate them on the potential(s) of renewable energy. Beforehand, they participated in various training activities and site visits across the island:

  • A series of lectures on the principles of water and wastewater treatment
  • Training on community health and safety at work (based on corresponding laws)
  • Site visits of several wastewater treatment plants in Barbados to enhance theoretical knowledge: Bowmanston and Golden Ridge Pumping Station; Bridgetown Sewage Treatment Plant and South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Training in public speaking, personal interaction and communication; enabling the community ambassadors to systematically target their audiences, pay attention to people’s needs and educational level and tailor the forwarded information accordingly

More general information on this SEPS exchange activity is available here: Using Community Ambassadors for Community Exchange on Renewable Biogas Energy Generation from Wastewater for Sustainable Development

Wind Empowerment 2018 International Conference: WEIndia2018

News from WISIONS posted on June 13th, 2018

The 4th Wind Empowerment International Conference "WEIndia2018: Bringing Small Wind Turbines Up To Scale" will take place in Kayathar, India from 1 - 14 December 2018. If you would like to participate, please register until 30 June (if you are applying for a travel scholarship) or 31 August (if you don’t need a travel scholarship).Read moreMinimize

The Wind Empowerment network invites you to apply for the 4th International Conference WEIndia2018.

The deadline for applications is 30 June (if you are applying for a travel scholarship) or 31 August (if you don’t need a travel scholarship).

Sign-up form to WEIndia2018: "Bringing Small Wind Turbines Up To Scale"

This year’s conference is jointly organized by Wind Empowerment and the National Institute for Wind Energy (NIWE), India. It will have a longer agenda of approximately 2 weeks: One week of trainings and one week of conference programme.

NIWE is offering full travel and conference scholarships to a limited number of international participants in order to participate in a 1-month long course related to small wind rural electrification, which will also include the WEIndia2018 conference.

The eligibility criteria for applying to NIWE’s scholarship are the following:

  • Be able to join 2-weeks pre-conference workshop events, as well as the 2-weeks conference. This means being in India for 1 month, from 15 November - 15 December 2018
  • Have a nationality from one of the eligible countries
  • Working knowledge of English required to follow the course

Wind Empowerment will try to provide scholarships (at least partial) to participants that do not fulfill the prerequisites above. However, if you are eligible and able to join the 1-month course and conference events, do not miss this chance and send an email to windempowerment.group@gmail.com.

A Portrait Of The Wind Empowerment Network By UNESCO

News from WISIONS posted on June 11th, 2018

Wind Empowerment is an association for the development of locally manufactured small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification. Recently, the UNESCO published a portrait of the network, which is supported by WISIONS.Read moreMinimize

Read the full article on the website of UNESCO: Poor Rural Communities Learn To Harness The Wind For A Sustainable Future

The Wind Empowerment network is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and is supported by several organisations, one of which is the WISIONS initiative.

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