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The main objective of WISIONS is to make clean energy a default solution for basic energy needs in developing regions, by helping local partners to identify successes and bring them to scale through regional networks, marketing and demonstration. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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Waste To Wisdom – Strengthening Biogas Practitioners In Southeast Asia

News from WISIONS posted on October 12th, 2018

One of our SEPS exchange activities in cooperation with Green Empowerment aims to address the technical gaps in organisations in Malaysia and the Philippines by providing them with the skills to install and operate biogas digester systems efficiently and affordably.Read moreMinimize

The first part of this knowledge exchange took place over two weeks in Sri Lanka in March 2018 and involved both theoretical and practical components, using classroom lectures, site visits, and actual biodigester construction on site. The training was very successful and delivered significantly under budget, allowing Green Empowerment and local partner organisations to direct the funds to host additional trainings as well as install planned pilot projects in Malaysia.

After the knowledge exchange in Sri Lanka, our project partners and exchange attendees began discussing potential demonstration sites. Kivatu Nature Farm at PACOS Trust was chosen to be the site of first pilot project because it was deemed to have adequate waste from their kitchen to feed a biogas digester and a high volume of visitors to demonstrate the technology to, as well as availability of a training facility. Greeb Empowerment worked with Janathakshan, TONIBUNG, and PACOS Trust to develop a training program and materials that were tailored for the context of Malaysian Borneo. Staff from TONIBUNG and PACOS Trust who attended the knowledge exchange led the design and began construction of the biogas digesters.

The second training was held at the end of August with attendance from communities from several regions of Sabah. The participants from the Sri Lanka knowledge exchange led the training in Sabah and promoted the dissemination of biodigester technology within their home regions. Though the pilot project construction was not able to be completed during the training due to some delays, it is now ready to be tested.

Next steps include another training and pilot biogas digester installation in Malaysia in January 2019.

New Project: Demand-Side Solutions To Financing Sustainable Energy In Southeast Asia

News from WISIONS posted on October 5th, 2018

One of our new SEPS exchange activities builds on the 2017 event, "Financing Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia", which was organised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Nexus for Development and supported by WISIONS.Read moreMinimize

This new exchange activity builds on the 2017 event, “Financing Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia”, which was implemented in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Nexus for Development and supported by Wisions. The event was welcomed by entrepreneurs and financiers in the region as it provided the opportunity for entrepreneurs to exchange and access targeted information, make new connections and engage in networking activities offering real business opportunities.

Building on the success, experience and feedback from last year’s event, Nexus aims to organise an even more valuable knowledge exchange and to further support capacity-building among sustainable and renewable energy entrepreneurs in Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular.

A workshop is planned to take place in Yangon, Myanmar at the end of February 2019. This workshop will bring together 50 to 70 practitioners (energy entrepreneurs, financial experts and finance providers) from across Asia and Southeast Asia to:

  • Facilitate dialogue and best practice exchange between entrepreneurs;
  • Share updates on the mapping of financing schemes and build the financial capacity of participants;
  • Facilitate coaching meetings between entrepreneurs and financiers; and
  • Develop ‘model training’ materials and a training roadmap to ensure follow-up online training sessions after the event.
Ultimately, the objective is to achieve enhanced dissemination of event outcomes and the mapping exercise through more intense stakeholder outreach and the development of an online database containing all the mapping information.

A Community Energy Centre And Eco Sustainability Park In Independencia, Chile

News from WISIONS posted on September 24th, 2018

The Municipality of Independencia, Chile, seeks to establish a Community Energy Centre in an Eco Sustainability Park in the city. This centre will provide an educational space for renewable energy for all local communities within the municipality and for other interested parties. Read moreMinimize

Independencia has a population of 800,000 living in an area of 7 km². A variety of initiatives are already in place to demonstrate renewable energy possibilities in the area; examples include the construction of solar kitchens and the installation of a hundred solar cookers.

It is envisaged that the Eco Sustainability Park will not only include the construction of the Community Energy Centre, but also a nursery school and a recycling centre. More than 10,000 inhabitants in the densely-populated local neighbourhood, primarily working-class, are expected to benefit from the services offered.

Recently, our local project partner (the Municipality of Independencia) carried out the following activities:

  • The definition of a detailed baseline survey on criteria, including local energy consumption, waste generation, commercial activities and population development.
  • The design of an innovative "Compact2" biodigester to be installed at the project site; once the system is up and running, training sessions on operation, maintenance and monitoring will be delivered.
  • The calculation and quantification of environmental and economic benefits of the biodigester at the Community Energy Centre.

The project team has also presented their project at three "Climate Change Academies" in the Los Lagos, Antofagasta and Valparaíso regions. Read more about this here (Spanish only).

Next project steps include the installation of the biogas system and training sessions for future users and the local community, as well as the design and delivery of educational materials to be used at schools and universities.

Find more general information on our SEPS project page: Community Energy Center and Eco Sustainability Park in the Municipality of Independencia

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