Project's aim

The project aims to demonstrate the viability of a hybrid hydro power plant consisting of a hydrokinetic turbine and photovoltaic panels to power a local rice and flour mill, while also enhancing the population’s wellbeing (e.g. by improved lighting).



Partners involved

Smart Hydro Power GmbH

Empowering entrepreneurs in rural India in the un-electrified village of Bhamane

Despite an already broad grid coverage in India, electricity supply remains unreliable, especially in remote areas. Smart Hydro Power GmbH (SHP), together with local partners Gram Oorja and Sanjeevani Seva Trust, aim to showcase the first Indian installation of a standardized kinetic hydropower plant integrated into a hybrid power plant concept for rural electrification. The village of Bhamane has been selected as the future project site, as social and economic conditions are similar to those of the majority of villages in the region.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To install the hybrid hydropower/PV plant to run a rice mill, i.e. a productive end use
  • To form a village committee which will be responsible for operating and managing activities
  • To provide local residents with capacity building and hands-on training so that operation of the new technology is sustained in the future

The project is being developed and led by Smart Hydro Power GmbH along with local Indian partners. A survey of the local socio-economic situation has already been carried out and the project is supposed to be implemented within one year.