Project's aim

This exchange activity aims to develop local capacity for electronic load controller trouble-shooting and development. The activities include a capacity building programme for the operators of load controllers, as well as the creation of a ‘toolkit’ to be used in implementation and operation practices.



Partners involved


Exchange: Capacity Building for Micro Hydro Electronic Load Controller Technicians in South/Southeast Asia

During a previous SEPS exchange activity in 2014, the state of the electronic load controllers in the region was determined. These load controllers are a complicated but crucial component of micro hydro power plants. A well-functioning load controller is a key aspect for the sustainable operation of a micro hydro plant, requiring de-mystification and inputs at the local level to prevent technical failure. While micro hydro civil works, turbines, generators, and transmission line caters to locally available technical skill sets, the electronics and systemic-level knowledge required for ELCs is often not available locally.

The specific objectives of the exchange activity are:

  • To collect information and experiences from members of the Hydro Empowerment Network
  • To review the technical components of electronic load controllers as well as to identify direct and indirect failures of the systems
  • To develop field-based training tools 
  • To conduct practical training sessions for electronic and electro-mechanical technicians
The exchange duration is nine months and included a workshop in Bandung, Indonesia, which took place from March 31th to April 10th, 2016.