Project's aim

The applicants propose a multi-lateral, output-based technical development knowledge exchange for a technical component, the load controller


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Partners involved

Janathakshan Ltd. (GTE)

Exchange: Comprehensive data base on Reliable Load Controllers for Hydro Projects

The lack of reliable information on the variety of types of load controllers and suppliers for micro-hydro projects is a major issue in selecting a suitable load controller that matches local requirements. This exchange activity, facilitated by Janathakshan, Sri Lanka and coordinated by the knowledge exchange Manager of the Hydro empowerment network South/South east Asia, aims to develop a comprehensive database to address this issue. The database may also enable developers to negotiate with suppliers and can help to facilitate specific staff training. 

The database will provide a solid knowledge base about the types of controllers, their features, advantages and disadvantages, suppliers, existing users, cost effectiveness, maintenance requirements etc. The exchange activity will include desk research, information sharing with manufacturers and suppliers, training on basic load controller designs and interviews with practitioners to obtain information on performance and the specific issues or challenges faced with regards to different load controllers. The aim is to create a knowledge exchange tool to help hydro power developers to select a suitable load controller. Members from the network with extensive knowledge on load controller design will actively support in developing the database.