Partners involved

Management Innovation and Technology Solutions Private Limited (MIT)

Using excess energy from existing MHPs to create sustainable income generating activity in Nepal

Nepal has several hundred micro-hydro power plants (MHPs). Those MHPs are mainly used for supplying electricity to rural communities – primarily for lighting purposes only. However, significant amount of electricity generated from these MHPs are not being used resulting in lower utilization factor of around 30% only. The wasted energy (70%) could be used on a large scale to create income and offer job opportunities in the rural areas where MHPs mostly exist.

The main aim of this project, to be implemented by Management Innovation and Technology Solutions and Dhaulagiri Community Resource Development Centre, is to improve the sustainability of the Nishi Dovan MHP by using excess energy for organic vegetable farming and providing additional income generating activities. 

The main activities are developing water lifting and irrigation technology, setting up a sustainable organic vegetable farming enterprise, and developing market and financial linkages. The project should empower the Kumal Community to sustain the long-term production and sale of organic vegetables and to increase the revenue for the Nishi Dovan MHP.