WISIONS Newsletter
Issue no. 4 / 2019


1. Register now for the 11th RedBioLAC Annual Conference and the "Domestic Scale Biodigesters" online course by CIBiogás and RedbioLAC2. Recordings from HPNET Webinar "Social Enterprise for Energy and Economic Development" are now online!3. Biodigesters for Southeast Asia: Exchanging Knowledge4. Open Source Courses on Electronic Load Controllers for Southeast Asia5. Recording of the WISIONS and HPNET Deep Dive Workshop at ACEF 2019 in Manila 6. Raising Awareness about Renewable Energy in Rural Argentina7. The "Leveraging Innovative Finance Together" (LIFT) Programme and "Finance Solutions Map" from Nexus8. Solar Water Lifting Technology for Nepal

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We have again been busy in recent months with a variety of WISIONS activities worldwide. Our September newsletter includes an overview of all WISIONS activities, project news, publications and events. If you have any questions about specific content, please feel free to contact us at info@wisions.net . 

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