Since 2004, we at WISIONS have been actively promoting the transition to need-oriented sustainable energy systems in the global South.

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform the production and use of energy so that it effectively enables sustainable development.

Three WISIONS activities support this goal:

  • Partnerships and Networks– bringing technologies to scale.
  • SEPS Energy Projects– nurturing sustainable innovations and knowledge exchange.
  • Research– linking the work of local energy practitioners with Wuppertal Institute’s transformative research approach. See our Publications.

"WISIONS of Sustainability" is an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute, supported by the Swiss-based foundation ProEvolution.

Background to WISIONS

WISIONS was born in the early 2000s from a shared vision that sustainable energy could make a profound impact on the lives of people and communities of the global South, at a time when few saw this potential.

Fifteen years on, the conversation around sustainable energy has changed. Sustainable energy solutions are increasingly affordable and the SDGs, together with the Paris Agreement, have provided a new framework and impetus for action.

However, there is still much left to be done. It is estimated that around 1 billion people globally lack access to clean, affordable and reliable electricity. The effects of climate change are already perceived, most severely impacting the poor.

The challenge that WISIONS is trying to solve is: how can we ensure that the transition to sustainable energy is rapid, effectively enables sustainable development and is fair for everyone? We are convinced that the answer lies in empowering individuals and communities to be the drivers of the transformation.

For this, we focus strongly on supporting local energy practitioners and on promoting holistic delivery models to ensure that sustainable energy leads to development impacts that are sustained in the long term.