Education, Transport and Tourism

Energy is related to almost all important areas of life. In three PREP brochures WISIONS addressed the options of more efficient and renewable energy use in schools, transport systems and tourism.

Energy in Schools

Schools usually have a high level of energy consumption and thus also a high potential for more efficient energy use. In parallel, increasing the awareness of young students for environmental issues is most important. Schools are thus ideal teaching grounds for the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We have found good practice projects in schools around the world - both in developed countries, like Germany and France, and in emerging economies or developing countries like India and Uganda.

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Sustainable Transport

Development often leads to an increased need for mobility. The worldwide increase in number of cars and transportation of goods causes harmful effects on the environment and a growing need for fuels. Thus the current transport systems can mostly not be called sustainable. Nevertheless, innovative strategies do exist for sustainable transport that foster urban public transport. Examples given come from Mexico, Germany, Sweden and Romania.

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Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is an important economic factor for a lot of countries, but on the other hand it is one of the major energy-consuming sectors. Sustainable tourism is a form of industry that attempts to preserve local resources and local culture while at the same time helping to generate income. In this brochure, examples of good practice in sustainable tourism were selected from Tanzania, Germany, Ecuador, Switzerland and Ghana. The projects cover the adoption of renewable energy technologies in hotels as well as raising awareness among travellers.

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