Resource and Material efficiency issues

The efficient use of both energy and materials is not only an environmental issue; it is also a basic corporate goal. Two PREP brochures highlight projects that address the improvement of resource and energy efficiency in some representative economic sectors.

Corporate Energy and Material Efficiency

Faced with rising energy prices and the limited availability of energy resources, corporate energy efficiency strategies are becoming increasingly important. The examples of good practice presented in this brochure are located in the Slovak Republic, Germany, the UK and Peru. The projects cover the promotion of cleaner production and energy efficiency in companies (particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)) and an office paper recycling scheme.

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Resource Efficient Construction

Industrialised countries use about 60 tons of non-renewable natural resources per person per year for building and construction purposes and a high amount of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is due to energy use in buildings and households. The very first PREP brochure, published in 2004, therefore focused on resource efficient construction. Although some years have passed since then, this topic is still very important as there remains significant potential for improving energy and resource efficiency in buildings. The projects presented in this brochure include the retrofitting of buildings, bio-climatic architecture and performance contracting with examples from Germany, Brazil, Slovenia and South Africa.

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