Technology and need related issues

In five PREP brochures we particularly focused on specific renewable technology options or energy related needs.

Solar Cooling

You will find a comprehensive overview of the technical options for solar cooling and the obstacles it faces at the beginning of this brochure. The practical application of solar-assisted cooling systems is illustrated by examples of good practice from Spain, the USA, Germany and China.

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Renewable energy in the Food Supply Chain

There are several options for using renewable energy for food processing, cooking, baking, etc. The examples given in this brochure cover the use of electricity from biomass for rice processing in Nicaragua, sustainable cooking with biogas in Nigeria and more efficient use of biomass in fuel-efficient stoves in Cambodia. Solar energy can be used in various ways, e.g. for solar dryers in Pakistan or solar cookers in Kenya. The SEPS-funded project on ‘Food processing and conservation through appropriate solar energy technology' gives further examples and showcases the expertise in this area.

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Water for Energy and Energy for Water

The need for energy and water is high. Both issues are clearly related to each other. Water is a driving agent for hydropower and renewable energy can be a solution to provide water. Combined approaches range from drip irrigation to via photovoltaic (PV) pumping systems or wind powered desalination options.

The high number of downloads of the two related PREP brochures suggests an urgent need for examples of good practice. The projects illustrated in these brochures are located in Nepal, Switzerland, Chile, South Africa, Tibet, the Canary Islands, Guatemala, Peru, Tunisia, the Philippines and Tanzania.

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I. Issue 2004

II. Issue 2008

Biofuel Production

This brochure highlights examples of good practice in the production and use of biofuels. The projects are located in Ghana, India, Austria and Indonesia and include organic farming practices, biodiesel-fuelled energy systems for villages and biodiesel-fuelled buses.

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