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Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform the production and use of energy so that it effectively enables sustainable development. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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Upcoming Webinar from RedBioLAC

News from WISIONS posted on June 7th, 2021

Okay, biodigesters producing thermal and electrical energy is nothing new. But did you know about their contribution to wastewater management? Subsequent to the first webinar in RedBioLACs webinar series about biodigestion in the agricultural and livestock sector and matching the focus of this year’s World Environment Day, the sequel, talks about two different examples using biodigesters in wastewater treatment and restoration projects. Register here!Read moreMinimize

First, Raúl Botero (Costa Rica) will present a study that introduced wastewater coming from the daily cleaning s of livestock floors before collecting septic sludge and conducting the decontamination process.

Afterwards, Julián Andrés Giraldo (Colombia) will present a restoration project in a micro basin in the Colombian Andes. The recovery efforts of the basin were complemented with decontamination systems, consisting of biodigesters and aquatic plants, to treat waters from livestock farming and to simultaneously generate biogas and biofertilizer.

The event will be held online the 9th of June at 8am Costa Rican time, but will be available afterwards, as well. Please note that the webinar will be held in Spanish. 

Register here for the webinar!

Call for papers and case studies / Llamado de artículos y estudios de caso

News from WISIONS posted on May 26th, 2021

Attention, researchers! There’s a new call for papers and case studies for the 5th edition of our regional partnership’s magazine Revista RedBioLAC. --- Atención, investigadores! Hay un nuevo llamado de artículos y estudios de caso para la 5a edición de la Revista RedBioLAC.Read moreMinimize

(english version)

Since 2017 the magazine has been published annually, distributing papers about anaerobic digestion, the core topic of RedBioLAC. Being released in digital format for the first time, this edition provides increased accesibility and range. Researchers from Latin America and the Carribean are invited to contribute technical and scientific articles as wells as study cases about applied biodigestion in the region at small, medium and large scale, To apply, a summary of the paper (max. 500 words) must be sent.

For further information, please click here.

(versión en español)

La revista se publica anualmente desde 2017, distribuyendo artículos sobre la digestión anaeróbica que es el tema central de nuestra asociación regional RedBioLAC. Siendo lanzada en formato digital por primera vez, esta edición contará con una difusión mayor y un acceso más sencillo por parte del lector/la lectora.

Tod@s l@s investigadores de América Latina y el Caribe están invitad@s a contribuir con artículos técnico-científicos y estudios de caso sobre la biodigestión aplicada en la región en pequeña, media y gran escala. Para postular, envíe un resúmen (500 palabras máx) hasta el 10 de Junio.

Para más información, ver en este enlace.

WISIONS is searching for a communication expert

News from WISIONS posted on May 17th, 2021

We are currently searching a professional communication expert to develop a communications concept for WISIONS. All details about the requirements and application procedure can be found below or in the attached link to the public ELVIS platform. Deadline for application: 10 June 2021Direct URL-Link to tendering platform ELVISRead moreMinimize

Gathering experience in research and practice of the core topic "sustainable energy solutions" both on the local level and in the global South (in the context of global development goals such as SDG 7) has accompanied the project work of the Wisions Initiative for 15 years. Over the past years, WISIONS has been able to collect a considerable number of success stories in this field and to build up a global network of research and practice. This has resulted in a very high information content, which needs to be reprocessed and communicated so that these "success stories" are given greater prominence in external presentations (website, press releases, news, social media, webinars, etc.). Also, the amount of organizations  serving the topic from different perspectives has grown continuously, making the communications landscape more complex and intense. As part of a realignment of the initiative, a new communications concept is to be implemented that will create an expressive presence for the WISIONS initiative  in this changed landscape. 

For this purpose, we are searching for an experienced communications expert with excellent English language skills to develop a brand new communication concept for the WISIONS initiative as well as supporting the WISIONS team in the field of communications. We require the expert to have necessary references in at least one of the following fields: 

  1. Social Media communication 
  2. science or research communication 
  3. international cooperation, sustainability or energy access
End of applications will be 10 June 2021. Please note that the application documents should be submitted in German, except the project concept (Template 2) which should be submitted in English only. Details about salary and formal application procedures can be found in the documents attached to ELVIS. 

You can access the tendering platform ELVIS here: APPLY NOW 

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