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Domestic Scale Biodigester Online Course by CIBiogás and RedBioLAC

News from WISIONS posted on September 4th, 2019

In preparation of the 11th RedbioLAC Annual Conference in Cuba, CIBiogás and RedbioLAC, with the support of Wisions of Sustainability and Green Empowerment, offer the Online Course on Biodigestors at the Domestic Scale.Register here!Read moreMinimize

English Version

Prior to the 11th RedbioLAC Annual Conference in Cuba ( see News from 6 August) RedBIOLAC, CIBiogás and with support of WISIONS, created this online course. The objective of the course is to lean about dimensioning, construction, materials, installation, energy use of biogas, production and application of biodigesters. 

In this course you will receive various contents for reading, videos, forums for exchange and evaluative activities. All in all the course will last about 60 hours and will demand about 1 month of participation. Please hold in mind, that the course will be hold in Spanish! 

Costs: $130 USD 

More information and registration, please follow this link to the CIBiogás course portal!

Attention: For those who are going to attend to in the dual course (online and face-to-face) of the RedBioLAC Annual Conference in Cuba 2019, registration must be done directly on the events website: www.encuentroredbiolac.org

Spanish Version

Antes de la 11ª Conferencia Anual de RedbioLAC en Cuba (ver Noticias del 6 de agosto) RedBIOLAC, CIBiogás y con el apoyo de WISIONS, crearon este curso en línea. El objetivo del curso es aprender sobre dimensionamiento, construcción, materiales, instalación, uso energético del biogás, producción y aplicación de biodigestores. 

En este curso recibirás diversos contenidos para lectura, videos, foros de intercambio y actividades de evaluación. En total, el curso durará unas 60 horas y requerirá un mes de participación. Por favor, tenga en cuenta que el curso se impartirá en español! 

Costes: 130 USD 

Para más información e inscripción, por favor siga este enlace al portal del curso de CIBiogás!

Atención: Para aquellos que vayan a asistir al curso dual (en línea y presencial) de la Conferencia Anual de RedBioLAC en Cuba 2019, la inscripción debe hacerse directamente en el sitio web del evento: www.encuentroredbiolac.org

Third Mini-Grids Webinar Series Edition Announcement

News from WISIONS posted on September 3rd, 2019

The Mini-Grids Webinar Series 2019 by the Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) will hold again a public webinar on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 at 2:00 pm CEST! The topic will be on "Mini-Grid Sustainability: Transitioning to Enterprise-based Micro-Hydropower"Register here!Read moreMinimize

Collective research and hindsight within the Hydro Empowerment Network reveal that the long-term sustainability and impact of hydro mini-grids is dependent on how well the project is run as a viable and inclusive enterprise. This webinar - the 3rd in the series- will feature mini-grid practitioners in South and Southeast Asia who are leading the transition from grant dependent to enterprise based micro and mini-hydropower projects.  The webinar will present: 

  • The Linkage between enterprise-based approaches and long-lived hydro mini-grids;
  • Best practices to transition from grant-dependent to local social enterprise models, based on micro hydro experience in Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia; 
  • Solutions to scale their efforts to more micro hydro communities, including how to make better use of funding resources that currently go toward grant-dependent projects. 
Presentations will be followed by a Q/A session open to all participants. 


Risha Piya: Programm Specialist at Winrock International in Nepal. 

Ayu Abdullah: Co-Founder and Regional Director for Southeast Asia at Energy Action Partners. 

Iskandar Kuntoadji: Founder of IBEKA, the People Centered Business and Economic Institute, Indonesia. 

More information about the vita of the speakers can be found on Energypedia!

Moderator: Ranisha Basnet

Thematic Discussant: Dipti Vaghela, Co-Founder and Manager of HPNET

Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 at 2:00 pm CEST

More information on Energypedia!

Register here for the Webinar!

Open Source Load Indicator Device Manual

News from WISIONS posted on September 3rd, 2019

HPNET recently published the blueprints for an open source manual, so that everyone can build a Load Indicator Device for Micro Hydropower Systems! Link to HPNET Read moreMinimize

In collaboration with TonibungGreen Empowerment and with financial support from WISIONS, HPNET developed an open-source design for building a Load Indicator Device for micro hydropower systems. This device helps communities, applying these systems, to control their energy demand to the possible supply of the system. 

It is not unusual, that the capacities of the hydropower system are over-expanded when too many devices are connected to it. Eventually this leads to power outages of the whole installed hydropower system. Load Indicator Devices help the communities to have visual control over their energy consumption and having better measure on the capacities of their installed micro hydropower system. As soon as the system is approaching a critical threshold, the device will raise an alarm sound and let the communities know, that the current usage of connected appliances it too demanding for the system. 


Direct Link to the construction manual of the device: Click here at this Link!

Learn more about Open-Source Technologies for rural communities at this this webinar from WISIONS

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