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Our latest WISIONS Newsletter is out!

News from WISIONS posted on August 12th, 2019

In case you missed it - please follow the link to read about latest highlights like our deep dive workshop we organized together with our partner HPNET at the Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila on Hydro Mini-Grids, interesting webinars, panel discussions, knowledge exchange and much more.Read moreMinimize

Highlights in this issue:

  • Great insights in our Deep Dive at the ACEF in Manila on Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia Pacific.
  • The latest WISIONS-Webinar on Renewable Innovations for Irrigation
  • WISIONS attendance at a panel discussion on Sustainable Hydropower in Berlin
  • Our project partner GERES presented biomass, more precisely rice husk briquettes, as an alternative fuel for the Cambodian Garment Sector on the Final Capitalization Conference
  • Knowledge exchange to make Solar Water Pumping Systems affordable for Small Farmers
  • Webinars from HPNET on Mini-grid Financing and ACCESS Coalition on Productive Use of Energy.

If you want to read and learn more about all that, check out our recent newsletter:

Recording of ACEF 2019 Deep Dive Workshop is online!

News from WISIONS posted on August 6th, 2019

On 17 June 2019 WISIONS organized together with our partner HPNET a Deep Dive Workshop at the ASIA CLEAN ENERGY FORUM 2019 in Manila. The workshop was on the topic "Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia-Pacific: Scaling Inclusive Enterprise-Based Approaches". You can find the recording now here! Read moreMinimize

For more information, please follow this Link

11th RedBioLAC Annual Conference 2019

News from WISIONS posted on August 6th, 2019

RedBioLAC will hold the 11th edition of their annual conferences series and it will take place between 14 and 18 October 2019 in Varadero, Cuba. The topic of this year's conference will be „Biodigesters: An agroecological option in the rural context“. Register here!Read moreMinimize

RedBioLAC (short for Red de Biodigestores para Latino América y el Caribe) is 11 years old since its creation and represents a large group of professionals working in different fields on biodigestors in the region. It has been consolidated at the regional level, and has become a space for virtual exchange as a very relevant form of presentation for biodigester technology.

As a framework for the work that the network promotes, an annual face-to-face meeting is held in different locations. The spirit of the conference is to exchange knowledge in the broad sense of the word (from the vision of the users, of those who install the digesters, of those who research and develop, and of forms of financing, and implementation, etc.), to connect participants from various sectors related to biodigester technology and to be able to show some examples of research and implementation throughout the region, as well as sharing lessons learned.

Find more information about the conference and registration here!

Spanish Version: 

La Red de Biodigestores para Latino América y el Caribe (RedBioLAC) tiene 11 años desde su creación y representa a un gran grupo de profesionales trabajando en diversas escalas de biodigestores en la región, desde diversos puntos de trabajo. Se ha consolidado a nivel regional, y se ha convertido en un espacio de intercambio virtual como presencial muy relevante.

Como marco del trabajo que la Red promueve, se realizar anualmente un Encuentro presencial en diferentes locales. El espíritu del Encuentro es el de realizar el intercambio de conocimientos en el amplio sentido de la palabra (desde la visión de los usuarios, de quienes instalan los digestores, de quienes investigan y desarrollan, y de formas de financiamiento, e implementación, etc), de conectar a los participantes de diversos sectores relacionados a la tecnología y el de poder mostrar algunos ejemplos de investigación e implementación a través de la región, compartiendo lecciones aprendidas.

Encuentre más información sobre la conferencia y la inscripción aquí!

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