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7th International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference

News from WISIONS posted on January 14th, 2016

The 7th International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference will take place in Wuppertal, Germany from 6 to 9 September 2016. The IST Conference will be hosted by the Wuppertal Institute, in cooperation with the Center for Transformation Research and Sustainability (TransZent) at the University of Wuppertal. Read moreMinimize

The conference is the annual platform for sharing theoretical, empirical and practical advances in the field of sustainability transitions, covering a broad range of areas (e.g. energy, water, mobility, food systems) and disciplinary approaches.

The theme of IST 2016 is "Exploring Transitions Research as Transformative Science" and we aim to focus on impact and solution-oriented research approaches that enable transitions in practice. We invite contributions that address the following questions: 

  • How can we assess the societal impact of transitions research? 
  • What are the common challenges, best practice and future prospects in transdisciplinary research approaches, such as real-world laboratories, LivingLabs, transition experiments etc.?

We invite contributions focusing on key issues in the field of sustainability transitions research, such as urban transitions, the geography of transitions, the governance of transitions, business and entrepreneurship perspectives on transitions, innovation and institutional change and transition modeling – as well as all issues linked to the research agenda of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN).

For further information please see the attached Call for Papers, which can be downloaded from the conference website.

We want to make IST 2016 a very practical transition experience and we would be delighted to welcome you to Wuppertal and to our urban real-world lab with its many exciting projects and initiatives. We look forward to an engaging and impactful IST 2016.

Biogas generation at seven "Smart Schools" in Thailand

News from WISIONS posted on January 5th, 2016

One of our SEPS projects in Thailand aims to use food and agricultural waste, as well as animal dung, to generate biogas energy for producing school lunches at seven schools in Northern Thailand. The lessons learnt from a successful experience in a small school in Khaonoi will be used to guide the implementation of this project.Read moreMinimize

Recent project activities include the installation and commissioning of the biogas systems at different schools, which have been selected according to their resource potential (e.g. food and agricultural waste, animal dung and water availability), the acceptance and participation of the local community, economic feasibility and other factors. The schools are:

Anubankhonglan School, Kamphaengphet
Bannamthongnoi School, Phitsanulok
Bannongkula School, Phitsanulok
Bansadao School, Phitsanulok
Bansuanmiang School, Phitsanulok
Bansumen School, Sukhothai
Watthamuenram School, Phitsanulok 

Monitoring and commissioning activities relating to the new biogas systems were carried out in November 2015. It was noted that all the users possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the systems, their operation and maintenance, as well as the use of the biogas.

The next project steps include various monitoring activities, impact analysis and the establishment of a dissemination strategy. Further general information about this SEPS project is available here: Biogas Generation through Biomass Production in a "Smart School" in the Lower Northern Region of Thailand.

A video of the initial installation and training activities with the school staff, students and villagers is available here: 

Second SEPS Call 2015 completed!

News from WISIONS posted on December 22nd, 2015

We have closed our current SEPS call for applications and would like to thank all participants for their submissions. The time we will need for the validation process depends on the number of incoming applications. We will inform all participants about the status of the selection process around end of February 2016.Read moreMinimize

The WISIONS team would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our project partners, regional partnerships and networks a happy and successful New Year 2016 and we look forward to cooperating together in the future! 

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