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The last webinar of RedbioLAC in 2019

News from WISIONS posted on December 17th, 2019

Our partner RedbioLAC will also hold their last webinar edition of the year 2019, which will be all about quality control in biogas laboraties. It will take place on 18 December 2019 at 11:00 CST (18:00 CET). Register here now!Read moreMinimize

The potential of biogas is very important for the technical planning of biogas plants, as they are the basis for feasibility studies. Similarly, they also help to identify regional substrates (residual biomass) to form the basis of public policies.
For its part, laboratory work needs quality control and a great deal of knowledge of kinetics and aggregate uncertainties. Interlaboratory trials are used to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of analytical routines by comparing results between laboratories.
The webinar will present the experience obtained in the Anaerobic Digestion Interlaboratory Study of the BiogasFert/Embrapa Network, with the support of the RedBioLAC working group.

The purpose of the interlaboratory was to exchange samples and information for standardization of the biochemical potential of biogas (PBB) and methane (PBM). The addition of experiences from the activities from 2014 to 2019 will be shown, with the participation of more than 35 LAC laboratories.

The recording of our last webinar of 2019 is now online!

News from WISIONS posted on December 17th, 2019

On 16 December 2019 WISIONS organized the last edition of the 2019 webinar series on "Development and application of biodigester technology - advances from Latin America and Caribbean". The recording of the webinar is now open to watch online for those who missed the chance to attend the webinar. See also hereRead moreMinimize

8. Development and application of biodigester technology - Advances from Latin America and Caribbean

Recording of HPNET Webinar is now online!

News from WISIONS posted on December 12th, 2019

What are the effective benefits of integrating mini-grids into rural electrification development plans? This webinar by HPNET addressed this issue by showcasing mini-grids as a reliable and actually reliable solution for electrification agendas! The recording is now available to watch here!Link to YoutubeRead moreMinimize
This webinar was part of the Mini-Grid Webinar Series 2019 by the Hydro Empowerment Network.  All presentations by the panelists can be found at Energypedia!

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