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GERES Final Capitalization Conference on Biomass for the Cambodian Garment Sector

News from WISIONS posted on May 31st, 2019

Our cooperation partner GERES finalized the implementation of their 9-month knowledge exchange project, aiming to facilitate a knowledge exchange in order to promote the switch to sustainable biomass energy supply in the Cambodian garment sector. On the 19th of March 2019, GERES hosted a final one-day capitalization conference in Phnom Penh. Direct Link to the Knowledge Exchange Project Read moreMinimize

At the conference GEREStogether with national and international experts presented results of preceding studies that identified successful technologies and best practices to rice millers, investors, factory owners, biomass suppliers, international brands and public authorities. 


The Capitalization Conference was a clear success and met the expectations of both the participants and the organizers. There was the opportunity for the 94 participants to learn about the findings and experiences from prior activities of GERES, gaining insights into solutions for sustainable thermal energy generation through round tables as well as discussions with professionals and experts. GERES was able to gather 14 invited experts from seven different South East Asian countries for the round table discussions. Eventually there was the possibility of networking for the stakeholders to meet and engage with each other. Two objectives were set and met: 

(1)  Knowledge dissemination and awareness rising through sharing GERES’ findings and distribution of created information materials. 

(2)  Networking opportunities created business contacts between rice millers and garment factory representatives. 

More information on this SEPS project:  Exchange: Supporting the Energy Switch of the Garment Industry in Cambodia through Increased South-South Knowledge Exchange among the Value Chain Stakeholders (SEPS16)

GERES is an international NGO specialised in the implementation of locally- adopted energy-efficient solutions. Find more here:  GERES


Find more information about the Cambodia Climate Action Alliance (CCCA) here:  CCCA

Access Coalition Webinar Series 2019

News from WISIONS posted on May 24th, 2019

The ACCESS learning group (composed by Practical Action, energypedia, GERES, IIED and the Wuppertal institute) initiated a series of Smart-Webinars, starting with a webinar on “Productive uses of energy (PUE) and the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in promoting PUE” as a highly relevant topic for the ACCESS Coalition.Read moreMinimize

During the webinar the WISIONS team presented its research on productive use of energy, which is based on the evaluation of 30 small-scale energy projects in the global south supported by WISIONS. The webinar furthermore included a presentation from ACCESS Coalition about its strategy for 2019-2021 and two case studies, which highlighted experiences from Kenya: Practical Action focused on milling and ice-making for making a mini-grid viable and the Rainforest Alliance presented their experiences of promoting local briquettes manufacturing in tea industries.

This webinar was the first in a series of webinars that targets knowledge sharing from Civil Society Organizations operating in energy access for other CSOs and beyond.

Watch the webinar here: ACCESS Coalition Webinar Series 2019

Download the slides here: Webinar Slides

For more information: Additional resources

Register now for RedBioLAC Webinar on May 15th 2019!

News from WISIONS posted on May 14th, 2019

One of our networks RedBioLAC is hosting an interesting webinar tomorrow on "How to "double the production" of biogas through a biogas stove?" Read moreMinimize

Tema: ¿Cómo “duplicar la producción” de biogás a través de una estufa a biogás?

Resumen: El biogás es probablemente el beneficio más directo y tangible que ofrece un biodigestor. Puede ser aprovechado de diferentes formas, siendo el uso térmico uno de los más utilizados, (ej. cocción de alimentos). Para cocinar usualmente se usan estufas artesanales que se les asigna poca importancia, pues mientras enciendan y la llama se vea azul, el usuario esta satisfecho.

Pero en investigaciones recientes realizadas en la Universidad EARTH, a través de Proyecto de Graduación, hemos determinado que la eficiencia térmica de una estufa es extremadamente importante para terminar de valorizar el biodigestor, a tal punto que literalmente se puede “duplicar la producción” de biogás, con solo poner atención a la estufa.

Claro esta, la estufa no duplica el volumen del biogás como tal, pero sí se puede duplicar su eficiencia térmica, y esto es básicamente duplicar el biogás en térmicos energéticos. Este webinar hace un resumen de cómo se quema el biogás, y por tanto cómo es que debe funcionar una estufa. Con esto trataremos de aterrizar algunos diseños al que hemos llegado para mejorar esta eficiencia, y así “duplicar la cantidad de biogás”.

Expositor/a: Joaquín Víquez Arias, de Costa Rica - Coordinación Técnica de la RedBioLAC

If you are interested and want to join the webinar: Register now! (The webinar is in Spanish only)

For more information: RedBioLAC

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