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Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform the production and use of energy so that it effectively enables sustainable development. Read more about WISIONS activities, goals and background.

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WISIONS feature in "The Parliament Magazine"

News from WISIONS posted on June 2nd, 2014

WISIONS, its Regional Partnerships and the SEPS initiative have been featured in the most recent issue of The Parliament Magazine, no. 391, 26 May 2014.Read moreMinimize

The WISIONS initiative, along with information on SEPS Energy Projects and the four Partnerships and Networks, has been showcased in the EU Parliament MagazineIn this issue, accompanying Green Week 2014, WISIONS presents itself to a wider audience. 

The Parliament Magazine's EU titles offer unique and authoritative editorial content, driven by comment and analysis from both EU politicians and an in house team of experienced journalists.

Each fortnight the Parliament Magazine guides you through the maze of European politics with balanced, objective and informative coverage. With an editorial board of experienced European parliamentarians, the Parliament Magazine is widely recognised as the magazine for MEPs, by MEPs.

Browse through the current issue (no. 391) here: The Parliament Magazine - Issue 391 - 26 May 2014

Meet the WISIONS team at the Energy & Society Conference in Krakow, Poland

News from WISIONS posted on May 27th, 2014

Meet the WISIONS team at 2nd Energy & Society Conference, organized by the European Sociological Association Environment and Society Research. The conference will take place on 4-6 June 2014 at the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.Read moreMinimize

While energy transitions are recognized as being strongly related to societal change, academic and political discussions focus mainly on the technological and economic aspects. The Energy & Society Conference explicitly emphasizes the transformations of societal structures, which are fundamental components of transitions towards sustainable energy systems. The conference brings together academics who are working in the field of energy transitions. These transitions may be in a number of different contexts, but the common denominator is in the implied societal transformations, e.g. in terms of habits, lifestyles, social structures and norms.

The topic of the conference is in line with WISIONS' perspective of decentralized energy options in developing regions. WISIONS staff will have the opportunity to share and discuss insights, relevant questions and options in order to improve our understanding of energy transitions at household level in developing countries.

Meet the WISIONS team at the International Conference on Technologies for Development in Lausanne

News from WISIONS posted on May 20th, 2014

Meet the WISIONS team at the 3rd International Conference on Technologies for Development organised by the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development, which will take place from June 4-6 2014 at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.Read moreMinimize

This conference aims to promote capacity-building through knowledge exchange and to act as think thank and bridge builder between the academic world, civil societies, local communities, research and policy making.

The key question that will be addressed by the 3rd UNESCO Technologies for Development Conference is: What is essential for a technology to succeed in its intended role to reduce poverty? Is it the invention and development of appropriate technologies or the creation of appropriate value chains? Or might it be local capacity building and partnerships between key stakeholders? Or is it most likely a combination of several of these factors? The conference will offer a platform to discuss these topics and to share information in the field of technologies for development.

Within this context the WISIONS team will have the opportunity to share and discuss insights from our recent research in the session "Identifying Opportunities and Constraints for Women in the Renewable Energy Sector“ on Friday 6 June 2014.

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