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Webinar by Wind Empowerment on experiences of two WISIONS SEPS-Projects

News from WISIONS posted on April 14th, 2020

Wind Empowerment hold a webinar on 7 April, presenting experiences and insights into two collaborative knowledge exchange projects between WISIONS and Wind Empowerment which aimed to improve the productive use and application of wind-water systems in rural contexts. You can find the recording and the according slides of the webinar here!Wind Empowerment BlogRead moreMinimize

This webinar presents an overview of the ongoing knowledge exchange activities taking place under the SEPS project “Exchange: Wind Water Pumping Systems, as well as the SEPS project “Productive Use of Wind in Argentina - Developing Rural Areas with an Abundant Resource. A general presentation of the project objectives, methodology and findings are presented by Jean Alinei. Two case studies then are presented by Jorge Ayarza and Esteban van Dam. They respectively present the socio-technical wind water pumping solutions to be deployed in the rural regions of their respective countries. The panelists take the opportunity of these practical examples to discuss the capabilities of small wind to permit and enable small entrepreneurship for rural communities and the benefits of these productive uses of wind energy for the local development.

The slides of the webinar can be downloaded here: Click here!

For the source-code of the power converters presented by Jean, check the repo: Click here!

Who are we? The Hydro Empowerment Networks presents their work

News from WISIONS posted on March 26th, 2020

Who is the Hydro Empowerment Network and what are they doing? Our partnership network published now an entertaining image movie about their work with local practitioners in small scale hydropower in the Global South. With the support of WISIONS the network advocates community driven development in the field of micro hydropower and in this video you can see the work of the concerning local practitioners. The Hydro Empowerment Network Read moreMinimize

Call for technical/scientific articles and case studies for the RedbioLAC 2020 Journal!

News from WISIONS posted on March 12th, 2020

Our partner RedBioLAC currently holds an open call for technical/scientific articles and case studies for the upcoming RedBioLAC 2020 journal on applied biodigestion research, work or experience in Latin America and the Caribbean. Find more information here! Please keep in mind that papers are accepted only in Spanish and Portugese!RedBioLAC call for papers and articles!Read moreMinimize

English Version

RedbioLAC, our regional partner for biodigester practitioners and applied research in Latin America and the Caribbean, is currently searching for papers related to biodigestion for their 2020 journal edition. The objective of this journal is to share the work and experiences on issues of applied biodigestion for small and medium scale. Please be advised that the papers and all information material is in Spanish, the papers are additionally accepted in Portugese. 

All informations concerning terms and conditions of the call can be found here:

Terms and Conditions

The formular for subscription can be found here:

Formular for subscription

All previous editions of the Journal

Revista RedbioLAC

Version espanol

RedbioLAC, nuestro socio regional para los profesionales del biodigestor y la investigación aplicada en América Latina y el Caribe, está buscando actualmente documentos relacionados con la biodigestión para su edición de la revista 2020. El objetivo de esta revista es compartir el trabajo y las experiencias en cuestiones de biodigestión aplicada para la pequeña y mediana escala. Le informamos que los artículos y todo el material informativo está en español, los artículos son igualmente aceptados en portugués.

Toda la información relativa a los términos y condiciones de la convocatoria se puede encontrar aquí:

Terms and Conditions

El formulario de suscripción se puede encontrar aquí:

Formular for subscription

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Revista RedbioLAC

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