Mendoza, Argentina


Partners involved

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCuyo)


02/2012 - 08/2013

Harnessing wind power to provide clean electricity in an isolated area of Mendoza, Argentina

In many villages situated in the remote areas of Mendoza, Argentina, people still have little or no access to modern energy services. Electricity is often only generated by expensive diesel powered generators, which cause pollution and usually provide energy for only a few hours per day. This project aims to address these gaps by harnessing the potential wind power in the region. Four small 1.5kW wind power systems will be installed in the village of San Carlos, Mendoza.  The main project activities include the installation of the wind power systems as well as training the users and technicians. 

Through aprocess to evaluate the efficiency and impact, lessons can be learned for further replication in other villages.
The project will be carried out by "Universidad Nacional de Cuyo" (UNCuyo) in partnership with the "Province Energy Direction", in cooperation with local authorities.