Welcome to THE Technology Radar

Our daily life is full of activities that require one or many forms of energy. Whether you want to boil the kettle, drive to work or read a book at night, access to an appropriate energy form makes it easier for you to meet your needs.

These energy needs will guide you through the Wisions Technology Radar. Its main goal is to identify those technologies that can be used to meet our energy needs, today and in the future. The technologies featured in the radar use renewable energy sources, i.e. sources of energy that replenish themselves naturally on a human time scale. Furthermore, the radar is primarily focused on technologies that can be applied through community-based initiatives, like those that have the largest share of projects supported by WISIONS Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS).

So far the Technology Radar contains lot of resources on technologies that can be used to meet Lighting needs, the energy needs relating to Food issues as well as technologies that can be used in solutions to ensure Access to Electricity.