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Electric Power Storage - WISIONS of Sustainability
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Electric Power Storage

Electric current is the most useful energy carrier in modern life, but it is also one of the most difficult to store. Storing electric power plays a significant role in both stationary and mobile energy applications:

  • In stationary applications, electric power storage is an option to guarantee power quality and to balance differences between supply and demand. Most renewable energy sources are intermittent in nature. In systems with an increasing share of electricity from renewable sources, suitable electrical energy storage options are critical to optimising the harnessing of renewable resources and guarantee stability of the transmission and distribution networks.
  • In mobile and portable applications, electric power storage provides the energy to drive the device or equipment concerned. The expected development and deployment of hybrid electric and full electric vehicles has provided the research and development of technologies for the storage of electric power with fresh impetus.

The Technology Radar only has facts on  Lead acid battery at the moment (follow the link or use the navigation tool on the right). Lead acid batteries are the most widely applied storage option when renewable energy technologies are used to provide electricity in off-grid schemes (i.e. without connection to the electricity network). Information on other electric power storage technologies will be added during as we develop the Technology Radar further.

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