Solid Biomass Stove

The direct combustion of solid biomass is probably the oldest household technology and will continue to be the main energy source for cooking, water heating and domestic heating in many developing countries for years to come. A wide range of stove types that use solid biomass as fuel can be found around the world. However, very low quality combustion is an almost universal characteristic of the most traditional and widespread stoves. Two prominent disadvantages derive from the use of these inefficient stoves:

  • Low efficiency: only a small fraction of the biomass energy content is effectively transformed into cooking heat
  • Unhealthy emissions: a wide range of health-damaging pollutants are released in the flue gases

Several alternative (improved) stove models already exist, offering the option to use solid biomass energy sources for cooking, but in a more efficient and cleaner way. However, the large-scale global diffusion of improved stoves is still a goal that should be pursued.

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